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The SCHOOL BOARD OFFICE for School District No. 40 (New Westminster) is located at:  811 Ontario Street, New Westminster, BC V3M 0J7 (corner of 8th Street and Royal Avenue)     Telephone: 604-517-6240      Fax: 604-517-6390

For communications inquiries, please contact Holly Nathan at 604-517-6252 or 


Superintendent of Schools Pat Duncan 604-517-6328
        Executive Assistant     Victoria Cuipka 604-517-6327
Associate Superintendent Janet Grant 604-517-6160
    Director of Instruction, Learning Services Chris Nicholson 604-517-6369
    Director of Instruction, Learning & Innovations Maryam Naser 604-517-6178
    District Administrator, Programs & Planning Belinda Scott 604-517-6111
        Executive Assistant     Prab Samra 604-517-6333
Secretary Treasurer Kevin Lorenz 604-517-6312
    Assistant Secretary Treasurer James Pocher 604-517-6157
    Manager, Projects & Capital Planning Dave Crowe 604-517-6288
    Communications Coordinator Holly Nathan 604-517-6252
        Executive Assistant     Barbara Basden 604-517-6310
Director of Human Resources
Robert Weston 604-517-6346
    Manager of H.R. - Teaching/Admin Gordana Ballarin 604-517-6331
    Manager of H.R. - CUPE/Exempt Jane Boutilier 604-517-5920
Director of Facilities and Operations Dino Stiglich 604-517-6314










To contact a District employee via email: (e.g.,

For questions/concerns related to the district website please contact:    Holly Nathan, Communications Coordinator