Neighbourhood Learning Centres

School District No. 40 (New Westminster) officially opened its first Neighbourhood Learning Centre at École Qayqayt Elementary School on February 12, 2015. 

Neighbourhood Learning Centres (NLC) are inviting places where everyone can access education, community services, recreation and culture.  Every centre is unique - offering programs and services that are most relevant to its community members.  The Qayqayt NLC will house a daycare run by the Purpose Society and accommodating 35 preschoolers, making an easier transition to kindergarten a couple of years down the road. The daycare is scheduled to be open in May 2015 and will have its own kitchen and outdoor play area.  The NLC multi-purpose room will be used during the day by the Westminster Children's After School Society (WCASS) for before and after school care.  The space will also be used for a wide variety of programming that meets neighbourhood needs, and for the community to hold gatherings, meetings, and more.  Additionally, fundraising efforts are currently underway to outfit the kitchen in the Neighbourhood Learning Centre with commercial grade appliances and equipment for food programming and rentals. 

 A Neighbourhood Learning Centre Neighbourhood ADVISORY COMMITTEE has been appointed and the Committee Terms of Reference are linked here.  The Advisory Procedures shall be governed by the School District Code of Conduct Policy No. 402.1/502.1.

 Other DISTRICT POLICIES governing Neighbourhood Learning Centres include, but are not limited to: 

Policy No. 803.1 Purchasing and Tendering
Policy No. 903.2/1004.01        District Facility Use and Fees and Charges
Policy No. 903.0/1004.5 Child Care Services in District Facilities
Policy No. 1004.7 Fundraising Activities & Sponsorship in District Facilities


Andrea Owen, Community Schools Coordinator  
Betina Wheeler (formerly Ali), Community Program Development Officer