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Board of Education


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Members of the Board of Education for School District No. 40 (New Westminster) were elected in November 2014 for a 4-year term.  On June 11, 2016 a By-election was held, Mary Lalji was the successful candidate and was sworn in as School Trustee on June 21, 2016.

The Board's contact person is Acting Chair Kelly Slade-Kerr 

Jonina Campbell,   Casey Cook,   Michael EwenMark Gifford (Acting Vice Chair),   James JanzenMary Lalji, Kelly Slade-Kerr (Acting Chair)

The BOARD OF EDUCATION FOR SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 40 (NEW WESTMINSTER) acts through corporate authority, that is as if it were a single person.  The will of the Board is defined by Resolutions adopted by vote at a Board meeting.

The duties and responsibilities of the Board of Education are determined by the School Act and consists of several basic functions including:

  • Policy, Planning and Evaluation
  • Action on Legal Requirements
  • Selection of Senior Personnel
  • Public Relations
  • Final Appeal