Policies 300 - Administration

  Policy No. 300.0  Employment Equity
  Policy No. 300.1  Recruitment & Hiring of Professional Staff
  Policy No. 300.2  Administration Positions of Special Responsibility
  Policy No. 300.3  Professional Development
  Policy No. 301.0   Superintendent of Schools
  Policy No. 303.0 Selection, Transfer, Assignment & Evaluation of Principals
  Policy No. 303.6  Assistants to the Principal 
  Policy No. 303.9  Department Heads 
  Policy No. 304.1  Criminal Record Search 
  Policy No. 304.2  Harassment/Sexual Harassment 
  Policy No. 304.3  Violence in the Workplace 
  Policy No. 304.4 Smoke and Electronic Smoking Prodcuts - Free Working & Learning Environment 
  Policy No. 304.5  Communicable Diseases & Systematic Immunization of Students
  Policy No. 304.6  Vandalism to Employees' Motor Vehicles 
  Policy No. 304.7  Closure of Schools Due To Inclement Weather 
  Policy No. 304.8  Propagandist or Prejudicical Conduct 
 Policy No. 304.9 Bullying and Harassment
  Policy No. 305.0 Technology 
  Policy No. 306.0  District Assessment, Evaluation & Reporting 
  Policy No. 307.0  Employment Practices 
  Policy No. 308.0   Language Education  
  Policy No. 310.0   Decentralized Decision-Making Process