Policies 400 - Staff Personnel

  Policy No. 400.0   Employment Equity 
  Policy No. 400.1   Instructional & Support Staff Personnel Practices   
  Policy No. 400.2   Professional Development 
  Policy No. 400.3   Instruction & Support Staff Positions of Special   Responsibility 
  Policy No. 401.3   Teachers Leave of Absence & Secondment 
  Policy No. 402.1 District Code of Conduct
  Policy No. 403.2   Staffing in Periods of Diminishing Financial   Resources 
  Policy No. 404.1   Criminal Record Search 
  Policy No. 404.2   Harassment/Sexual Harassment
  Policy No. 404.3   Violence in the Workplace 
  Policy No. 404.4    Smoke and Electronic Smoking Products - Free Working & Learning Environment 
  Policy No. 404.5   Communicable Diseases & Systematic Immunization                            
  Policy No. 404.6 Vandalism to Employee's Notor Vehicles
  Policy No. 404.7 Closure of Schools Due to Inclement Weather
  Policy No. 404.8 Propagandist or Prejudicial Conduct
 Policy No. 404.9 Bullying and Harassment
  Policy No. 405.1 Parent/Guardian Volunteers
  Policy No. 406.0   Digital Technology (revised 02-23-16)
  Policy No. 406.1  Standards of Conduct for School District   Employees 
  Policy No. 407.0   Use of Scented Products 
Policy No. 410.0 Gender & Sexual Diversity Inclusion Policy