Policies 600 - Educational Programs

  Policy No. 601.2     School Calendar (Bylaw) 
  Policy No. 602.0    Programs of Instruction 
  Policy No. 602.5    French Programs 
  Policy No. 602.6    Diversity and Anti-Discrimination 
  Policy No. 602.8    Delivery of Special Education Services 
Parents' Resource Guide to Special Education
  Policy No. 602.8.1 Physical Restraint and Seclusion - approved 03/29/16 
  Policy No. 602.9  Library Resource Centres
  Policy No. 602.10   Elementary Extra-Curricular Physical Ed  Program 
  Policy No. 602.11   Community Education
  Policy No. 603.5    Learning Resources 
  Policy No. 603.6     Locally Developed Courses 
  Policy No. 603.6.5    May Day 
  Policy No. 603.7    Sensitive Issues 
  Policy No. 605.3    Assessment, Evaluation & Reporting 
  Policy No. 605.4    Research & Other Projects in the Schools 
  Policy No. 605.5     School Accreditation 
  Policy No. 607.0 International Students 
  Policy No. 608.0 District Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting
   Policy No. 609.0  Language Education
  Policy No. 611.0  Programs of Choice 
 Policy No. 611.1 Sports and Fine Arts Academies