Policies 900 - Buildings & Sites

  Policy No. 902.1     Occupational Health & Safety 
  - additional Health & Safety Admin Procedures linked here
  Policy No. 902.2    Environmental Citizenship
  Policy No. 902.3    Procedure for Spraying of School Grounds
  Policy No. 902.4    Chemical Waste Disposal
  Policy No. 902.5    Coping With Emergencies
  Policy No. 903.1    Use of School District Facilities: Special Circumstances
  Policy No. 903.2 District Facility Use & Fees & Charges
 Polixy No. 903.3 Child Care Services in Schools
  Policy No. 904.0 Snow Removal
  Policy No. 905.0    Naming of Schools
  Policy No. 906.0     Accessibility
  Policy No. 907.0    Half Masting Flags
  Policy No. 908.0    Surveillance
  Policy No. 910.0    Consolidation and/or Closure of Schools
  Policy No. 911.0    Animals on School District Property