Policy Manual Section 2 - Board of Education

  Policy No. 201.4 Elections to the Board (Bylaw)
  Policy No. 201.5 Board of Education Election Protocol
  Policy No. 202.2 Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy
  Policy No. 202.3 Trustee In-Service
  Policy No. 203.1 Policy Formulation & Review 
  Policy No. 204.1 Rules of Procedure (Bylaw) 
  Policy No. 204.3 Communication and Involvement
  Policy No. 205.1 Compensation of Expenses to Board Members
  Policy No. 206.0 Decision-Making Process
 Policy No. 207.0 Trustee Code of Ethics
  Policy No. 208.0 Acknowledging Traditional Territory  (new 02-23-16)