May Day Committee

May Day activities are managed by the May Day Committee.  The Committee is comprised of School District representatives, a representative from the Mayor's office, a representative from New Westminster Parks and Recreation, a representative of the Hyack Festival and other community based people.

This collaborative Committee meets monthly beginning in November to plan the logistics of the following year's May Day.

                                                         May Day Committee
School Board  
Committee Chair Overall Responsibility for School Activities at Queens Park
Media Liaison Officer Media Coverage
Administrators' Representative Oversee School Administrators' Duties
Master of Ceremonies Host May Day Event
Education Co-ordinator Promote May Day, Provide May Day Instructional Materials
Dance Co-ordinator Teacher Orientation Tea, Teachers' Dance Support
Director of Operations Golf Carts, May Poles, Field Set-up
Superintendent's Office Order of Events
Hyack Festival Association Parking & Traffic control, Tea, St. John Ambulance
May Queen Suite Co-ordinator Chaperone, Parents' Meetings, Wardrobe, Visits, Special Guests
Royal Knights Co-ordinator Chaperone, Banners, Wardrobe, Visits
Royal Lancers Chair Organize Lancers
DPAC Fund Raise for Outfits
Mayor's Office May Day Draw, Banquet, Platform Guests
Parks and Recreation Platform & Flower Garden, Seating, Sound System
New Westminster Police Department City Traffic Management