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Quote of the Month: “We'd do well to remember that at the end of the day, the law doesn't defend us; we defend the law."Edward Snowden (Quote Archive)

noteSentence Combining: Coordination and Subordination

 Another of our top pages,Sentence Combining: Coordination and Subordination, will help you prepare for the certificate tests that will be written in early June. The page includes multiple examples of  the words you need to do this effectively, two sample paragraphs and links to more information on our site. May 19, 2016

noteGetting Ready for the Certificate Tests: How Teachers Mark Your Essays

 Another of our top pages,. How Teachers Mark Your Essays , will help you prepare for the certificate tests that will be written in early June. The page includes our writing rubric (a tool our teachers use to mark essays fairly) and links to worksheets and further writing samples to help you succeed. April 28, 2016

noteFast Food: Be Careful What You Eat!; Persuasive Paragraph Sample

 One of our most popular pages, this paragraph has been used in school textbooks and in online exercises around the world. Read the paragraph and then link to a lesson on how to write a fact-filled and interesting persuasive paragraph. Fast Food: Be Careful What You Eat!  April 7, 2016

sFinding Beauty: An Inspiring Old Lady
by Salia; March 31, 2016
As a young girl in Afghanistan, Salia encounters a lady who has inspired and helped her to adjust to a new life in Canada. Read the story

noteOur Hometown; Writing Tutorial

 The writing tutorial, "Our Hometown" includes a number of sample student sentences with teacher comments and suggestions. In addition, you will find some information on the teacher's home town. This page was in 17th place this past year with over 4 000 views. Our Hometown  March 31, 2016


Finding Beauty: The Tzu Chi Foundation
by Ginnie; March 1, 2016
Ginnie brings us the story of a simple idea, a bamboo "bank," which helps others in times of need. Read the story

noteNominalization: Changing into Nouns

 Nominalization is changing a word that is usually a verb or an adjective to a noun.This feature by Patricia, from 2010, is in 19th place, with 3 800 views. Includes a matching quiz. Nominalization March 3, 2016

noteA Teacher Notes 

Reflecting on End of Term 
Brad brings us the bittersweet feelings of a teacher at end of term.
January 21, 2016

noteAdvanced Composition Worksheet: Using Infinitives as Nouns and Adjectives

Infinitives follow verbs. For example, “I want to study English.” But, infinitives are useful in other ways as well, acting as adjectives or nouns in the sentence. This worksheet, from a class taught a decade ago, is in the top 20 this year with over 4 000 views. Using Infinitives as Nouns and Adjectives February 25, 2016

noteTeacher Writing Sample: "Winter Misery" (Adjectives Paragraph)

It's no surprise that the sample paragraph, "Winter Misery," is in 17th place this past month in Vancouver. If you live here, you know that our "misery" is all about the rain and not the snow! The sample paragraph demonstrates the use of six adjectives in a standard structure. Includes links to more teacher samples and the original assignment.  February 18, 2016

noteOur Most Popular Writing Tutorial: "Writing about Snow" (workshop)

A top 25 page this past year, the writing tutorial, "Writing about Snow," provides example vocabulary, student writing with teacher commments and a teacher sample paragraph on the topic. From more than ten years ago, the tutorial reminds us that Vancouver once had regular snowstorms! February 11, 2016

noteOur Most Popular Student Writing: "Protecting the Environment" (short essay)

Our seventh most popular page this past year, Branko's essay from 2007, "Protecting the Environment," provides a good example of a short, standard essay that is easy to follow and, based on over 7,000 views this year, others think so, too. February 4, 2016

noteFrom the Archives: "FANBOYS; Making Compound Sentences"

Our third most popular page this past month, Jennifer's feature from 2011, "FANBOYS; Making Compound Sentences" provides a clear review with sample sentences for each of the seven coordinating conjunctions. Includes links to more information on this important sentence writing skill. January 21, 2016

noteA Teacher Notes 

On Encountering Diversity 
Brad reflects on his English unit on diversity in light of the recent events in France.
—November 19, 2015

10 Question Vocabulary Challenge Quiz 
Challenging words presented in a multiple choice quiz. Do you know what a "facet" is? Self marking quiz.January 4, 2016

Common Nouns and Proper Nouns Quiz 
Do you know the difference between a common and proper noun? Take this quiz and find out!December 18, 2015


Finding Beauty (Memoir)
by Emma; December 3, 2015
Emma's experience in the Beijing subway changed her life. Following a model memoir by Canadian poet Patrick Lane, Emma creates a new piece of writing to tell her own story. Read the story


An Unforgettable Teacher
by Yan; November 12, 2015
Yan writes of Mr. Wu, a student teacher who influenced her decision to become a teacher. Read the story


The 40 Year Old Suit
by Debbie; October 22, 2015
A story of hope and loss, Debbie, through her grandfather's experience, shows us the pain of her divided country, Korea. Read the story


 Eagle at Rest
by Lillian; September 22, 2015
Lillian's narrative essay brings her influential character to life. Interesting and heartfelt, the essay is well worth your time. Read the story


From the Archives: How to Answer Questions Well

Students in my English classes often have difficulty  answering questions in an efficient and effective manner. Over 25 years ago, I wrote a set of rules that, today, are still guaranteed to increase your marks and please your teacher. Includes comments on my experiences with each rule. —November 5, 2015; Brad Hyde

d From the Archives: Editing a 20-Error Paragraph
Originally used in classes taught by a former teacher at the ALC, Pat's error paragraph is the fourth most popular page at Use it as a challenge for yourself to see if you understand good paragraph structure. Includes an informative and useful checklist to use every time you write a paragraph. Find out why over 1, 600 people have visited this page since the beginning of the year.—October 15, 2015


Featured Web Site: Career Self Assessment Tools
Teresa points students to a valuable and useful web resource for those seeking advice on choosing a productive and rewarding career that matches their interests and abilities.

noteA Teacher Notes 

 Comparing Cultures: A Tale of Two Cities 
In this week's note, Brad compares Vancouver's street culture with Victoria's. Links to resources on writing successful comparison contrast paragraphs are included at the end.
 —September 17, 2015


Spelling Demons! Feature and Quiz
The Pearson ALC has many online quizzes. Unfortunately, quite a few will not work with modern browsers. In this feature, originally published in 2002, Louise introduces us to a few hard-to-spell words and provides a practice quiz. Updated now, the quiz works once more. Expect more featured quizzes in the weeks ahead!—September 17, 2015

Student Writing by Shawna: Beauty in My Life
Shawna finds beauty while working at her first job in Canada. May 3, 2015  

Student Writing by Selena: Inner Beauty: A "Yogoir"
Selena reflects on the beauty in life that she has found in the practice of Yoga. March 4, 2015  

Student Writing by John: The Monster on the Trail
John recounts a tale of childhood adventures near his home. Includes an introduction by the teacher. February 2, 2015  

Spring Program: 2015 Spring Program
Full information on our 2015 Spring Program, including academic courses available and their dates and times. (updated January 6, 2015)

Student Writing by Tiffany: A Scam Phone Call
Tiffany's story provides a timely reminder to be careful about calls and messages that aim to steal money from individuals. January 6, 2015    

Student Writing by Maple: Work for your Living; Live for your Interest
Maple writes about Mark, her first building manager in Canada, and how he helped her and her family feel welcome in this country. December 2, 2014   

The Monthly Feature: 2014 Food Bank Drive
Tazim encourages everyone to give generously to our annual Food Bank drive.  November 3, 2014

Student Writing by Monika: A Mother of Her Class
Monika writes of her unforgettable high school teacher, one who was a mother to her and other students in Croatia. October 19, 2014

The Monthly Feature: Writing Better Sentences
Louise provides us with some powerful strategies for improving your sentences. Includes a fill-in-the-blank quiz to test yourself.  March 2, 2014

Student Writing by Michael: My Mother
Michael learns a valuable lesson about respecting others despite their differences. March 2, 2014

The Monthly Feature: A New Term and a New Year (Chinese New Year!)
L fills us in on the new term and wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!  January 27, 2014

Student Writing by Inna: Reflecting on Beauty: The Flowers in Life
Inna brings us a beautiful memoir on becoming a mother. January 26, 2014

Teacher Writing by Brad: Learning from the Masters: The Art of the Memoir
Brad reflects on his use of the memoir to encourage students to write well this term. January 26, 2014

The Monthly Feature: Sample Essay: Three Steps to Take to Beat the Procrastination Monster
Rick's amusing essay contains helpful advice for all you procrastinators out there!  December 15, 2013

Student Writing by Cristian: Luck or Destiny?
A chance meeting changes Cristian's life forever. November 10, 2013

Teacher Writing by Brad: Weight Training for All: Illustrating Verbs Followed by Gerunds
Brad's paragraph shows you how to use verbs that are often followed by gerunds to improve your writing. November 10, 2013

The Monthly Feature: Food Drive for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society
Tazim launches our annual campaign to aid the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society. October 27, 2013

The Monthly Feature: The New English Curriculum; Five Years On
Brad brings us some of his students' comments on their experiences with the new focus on speaking and listening in English classes. October 14, 2013

Teacher Writing by Brad: The Jaywalker: Sample Paragraph using the Dash
Brad's paragraph demonstrates two ways to use the dash.. October 14, 2013

Student Writing by Bibiana: Thank You Kaethe!
Bibiana writes of meeting an old lady whose interesting ideas about healthy living have affected her deeply. October 13, 2013

The Weekly Feature: Thanksgiving 2013
Louise gives us lots of information and links to fun activities for your Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. October 10, 2013

Student Writing by Geena: My Life Gift
Geena brings us a charming story about her daughter's positive influence on her life. September 15, 2013

Teacher Writing by Brad: Winter Misery: Using Adjectives in a Practice Paragraph
Brad's paragraph demonstrates how to use a list of adjectives to write a practice paragraph. September 15, 2013

The Weekly Feature: How to be a Success at School
Tazim and Trudi bring you tips to help you become a success at school. September 15, 2013

The Weekly Feature: The Fall Semester at Pearson ALC
Brad brings us up to date on the next semester's offerings. Includes links to course descriptions and registration information. August 18, 2013

The Weekly Feature: Rick's Trip to the Past and the Future
Rick brings us along on his family vacation. August 11, 2013

The Weekly Feature: British Columbia Day
Renuka outlines the history of B.C. Day and includes some suggestions for things to do. Includes a comprehension quiz for practice. August 4, 2013

The Weekly Feature: Searching for a Car
Paul outlines his search and includes lots of valuable information for anyone who is searching for a car. Includes two quizzes for practice. July 28, 2013

The Weekly Feature: Cycling in the Lower Mainland
Patricia introduces us to opportunities for cycling, reviews grammar and provides a quiz for practice. July 12, 2013

The Weekly Feature: Systematic Proofreading
Louise introduces a powerful strategy for improving your writing (and marks!). Includes a quiz to test your skills. July 7, 2013

The Weekly Feature: Summer is Here!
L outlines our summer program. Remember to come in to re-register on July 2 and tell your friends to come on July 3 or 4 if they would like to study with us this summer. June 30, 2013

The Weekly Quiz: Mirror Images: Essay Introductions and Conclusions
Jennifer reviews important rules for successful essay introductions and conclusions. June 23, 2013

The Weekly Quiz: Something New, Something Green
Charlotte introduces us to the city of Richmond's new green cart program for food scraps. Includes two quizzes to test yourself on the reading. June 9, 2013

Teacher Writing by Brad: Teaching Advanced Composition
Brad's paragraph demonstrates the use of commas to set off quotations and appositives. June 2, 2013

Student Writing by Inja: A Mistake and a Good Friend
Inja has an embarrassing experience in a foreign culture that, fortunately, leads to a good friendship. June 2, 2013

The Weekly Quiz: A Teacher's Summer Day (Personal Essay)
Brad's essay demonstrates showing rather than telling. Includes a challenging ten question multiple choice vocabulary quiz.  June 2, 2013

New Course: Apprentice and Workplace Math 12
Now available for self paced students at the centre.  May 26, 2013

The Weekly Quiz: Sun and Cancer Awareness
Trudi notes the beginning of official summer this past weekend and advises us to be careful with the sun.  May 26, 2013

The Weekly Quiz: Summer Program at Pearson Adult Learning Centre
Tazim brings us up to date on summer learning opportunities at the centre.  May 21, 2013

Student Writing by Daria: Her Smile
By far the most popular page on our student newspaper site, Darija's heartfelt story shows us the power of a smile from a stranger. April 21, 2013 (originally published on May 19, 2008)

The Weekly Quiz: Green Party Candidate: Rick McGowan
Rick is running for the Green Party in this week's election. Here, he gives answers to a number of questions about his candidacy.  May 12, 2013

Teacher Writing by Brad: Teaching Advanced Composition
Brad's paragraph demonstrates the use of commas to set off quotations and appositives. May 5, 2013

The Weekly Quiz: Math Tutorials
Renuka updates students on our extensive math tutorial schedule. Includes a reading comprehension quiz on the reading. May 5, 2013

The Weekly Quiz: Daffodil Poetry
Patricia reminds us of the Canadian Cancer Society's daffodil campaign while also introducing us to two kinds of poetry. Includes a matching quiz to test your comprehension. April 28, 2013

Student Writing by Teresa: Do I Need to . . . ?
Teresa notices that “independent spirits” exist in Canada, where everybody should be fundamentally equal. April 21, 2013 (originally published on May 19, 2008)

The Weekly Quiz: Earth Day 2013
The importance of taking care of our planet Earth and its environment cannot be overstated. Paul shows us why and provides two quizzes to test your comprehension of his article. April 21, 2013

Teacher Writing by Brad: Expecting Changes
Brad's paragraph shows how to use the adverbs of comparision (positive, comparative, superlative). Includes a table of examples and a link to a worksheet for practice. April 14, 2013

The Weekly Quiz: Problems with Prepositions 4: For, On or To
Louise completes her series on prepositions with a final challenging quiz. April 14, 2013

The Weekly Quiz: The Other T-Form: Verbs, not Taxes
L goes over some intriguing changes in the use of "t" versus "ed" in the past form. April 7, 2013

Student Writing by Helena: The Backyard of China
Smooth like silk, soft like spring water, slow like clouds in the mountain, Kunming has no other seasons, only spring. April 2, 2013 (originally published on May 7, 2007)

The Weekly Quiz: Four Quick Tips to Improve Your Writing
Jennifer gives us some concrete ideas for writing improvement. Includes two sample paragraphs and a short comprehension quiz. April 2, 2013

Teacher Writing by Brad: An Important Choice
Brad's paragraph demonstrates the use of noun clauses as the object in a sentence. March 22, 2013

The Weekly Quiz: BC's 40th Provincial Election
Cheryl encourages everyone to register to vote in this important upcoming election.  March 22, 2013

The Weekly Quiz: Taking First Steps
Charlotte compares the experience of a child's first steps to students returning to school. Includes a cloze quiz to test your vocabulary comprehension.  March 17, 2013

Student Writing by Catherine: The Wall
Catherine writes about her reaction to Canada's lack of walls compared to her home country, China. March 10, 2013 (originally published on April 14, 2007)

The Weekly Quiz: Poetry: Sound and More
Brad brings us his notes on sound devices in poetry and provides a 15 question multiple choice quiz to test your understanding. March 10, 2013

Teacher Writing by Brad: Fast Food: Be Careful What You Eat!
Brad's paragraph demonstrates effective persuasive writing. Includes a link to a worksheet for practice. March 3, 2013

The Weekly Quiz: Visiting Curacao
Trudi introduces us to this beautiful Caribbean island. March 3, 2013

Student Writing by Ruth: Ancient Beauty
Ruth tells the story of her grandmother's bound feet, an ancient Chinese tradition no longer practiced. February 24, 2013 (originally published on June 22, 2008)

The Weekly Quiz: Work Smarter Not Harder
Tazim introduces us to the idea of different learning styles and provides a link where you can find out your own. February 24, 2013

Teacher Writing by Brad: A Special Haven
Brad's paragraph demonstrates effective descriptive writing. Includes a link to a worksheet for practice. February 17, 2013

The Weekly Quiz: The Butter Battle Book
Rick introduces us to this classic tale from Dr. Seuss. Includes links to animations and a quiz. February 17, 2013

Student Writing by Masaru: An Upside Down World
Masaru's experience of learning the opposite culture of Canada. February 10, 2013 (originally published on March 30, 2008)

The Weekly Quiz: Family Day in B.C.
Renuka introduces us to our new B.C. holiday. Includes a multiple choice quiz to test your comprehension.. February 10, 2013

Teacher Writing by Brad: An Exercise in Procrastination
Brad writes two paragraphs on procrastination that also illustrate how to use parallel structures effectively. February 3, 2013

The Weekly Quiz: Why Take Physics?
Paul argues strongly for students to consider taking Physics at the centre. He includes a fill-in-the blank and comprehension quiz for you to try. February 3, 2013

Student Writing by Kamila: Beauty Goes Shopping
Kamila contrasts Polish and Canadian attitudes towards beauty. January 27, 2013 (originally published on March 3, 2008)

The Weekly Quiz: B.C. Shore Birds
Patricia introduces us to B.C. birds with a properly constructed paragraph. Includes a matching quiz to test your comprehension. January 27, 2013

Student Writing by Zarghoona: A Walking Joke
Zarghoona writes about the importance of understanding idiom, and the bad results if you don't! January 20, 2013 (originally published on April 5, 2009)

Student Writing by Masaru: Laughter as Medicine
Masaru's cancer treatment is aided by a nurse's good humour. January 13, 2013 (originally published on May 19, 2008)

The Weekly Quiz: Why Learn Math?
L argues passionately for getting educated in Mathematics and includes links to plenty of useful resources and quizzes. January 13, 2013

Student Writing by Larry: Learning from Cats: Distance Makes Beauty
Are we really superior to other creatures? Let’s come off our perches and see what we can learn from other animals.  January 6, 2013 (originally published on April 2, 2007)

The Weekly Quiz: The Controlling Idea: Writing Better Paragraphs
Jennifer explains this important concept then tests you with a multiple choice quiz.  January 6, 2013

The Weekly Quiz: A New Year; A Fresh Start
Cheryl makes a resolution for New Year's.  December 31, 2012

The Weekly Quiz: Memories of Snow
Charlotte reminisces about her Canadian experiences with snow. After you read, try a fill-in-the-blank vocabulary quiz. December 23, 2012

Student Writing by Beatrice: The Newly-Rich Mushroom
A trip to the "antique" market doesn't quite turn out as planned!  December 16, 2012 (originally published on April 9, 2009)

The Weekly Quiz: Vivid Verbs
Patricia demonstrates the power of vivid verbs and provides us with two quizzes to test our knowledge. December 16, 2012

Student Writing by Victoria: Friendly Canada
Victoria finds Canadians more talkative and friendly than at home.  December 9, 2012 (originally published on May 25, 2008)

The Weekly Quiz: Fruit and Vegetables Idiom Quiz
How well do you know idioms like "in a pickle"? Take Brad's quiz and find out!  December 9, 2012

Student Writing by Andrea: Modern Women's Unhealthy Beauty
Andrea's essay takes a new look at women’s beauty issues. The essay is well-organized, clear in language, and full of scientific and supportive evidence.  December 2, 2012 (originally published on December 7, 2008)

The Weekly Quiz: Problems with Prepositions: In or On
Louise offers a quiz to practice these pesky problem prepositions!  December 2, 2012

Student Writing by Victoria: The Neptune Festival
“The Neptune Festival ” concerns a teen’s discovery of a ritual in her grandmother’s village. Find out how the villagers prepare everything in secret overnight.  November 25, 2012 (originally published on December 16, 2007)

The Weekly Quiz: New Energy; Too Great a Sacrifice?
Rick explains fracking, a new process to extract natural gas from shale deposits. But, he warns that the environmental costs may be high. Includes a comprehension quiz for practice. November 25, 2012

Student Writing by Valentina: Cleaning the Well
Well-described and edited story about the simple but hard work of cleaning a well. Reading this, you will enjoy a festive ritual as if you were there.  November 19, 2012 (originally published on November 10, 2007)

The Weekly Quiz: The New, Improved Computer Course
Renuka advises students that our computer course, known as Information and Communications Technology has been revised.  November 18, 2012

Student Writing by Eve: Old Hometown Shanghai
Eve recalls her early years in old Shanghai, before it grew into the city it is today.  November 11, 2012 (originally published on April 5, 2009)

The Weekly Quiz: The History of "O Canada"
Paul bring us interesting information on Canada's national anthem. Includes two quizzes to test your comprehension.  November 11, 2012

Student Writing by Beatrice: The Cubic Life
Beatrice's piece chronicles the life of Lily, a rebellious girl growing up in China, who later emigrates to Canada.  November 4, 2012 (originally published on March 21, 2009)

The Weekly Quiz: November Rains
Patricia reacts to our recent spell of bad weather. Includes sample sentences and paragraphs and two matching quizzes for practice.  November 4, 2012

Student Writing by Catherine: Giving Praise
Living in Canada, we may have cultural differences. Do they make you curious, confused, or excited?  October 27, 2012 (originally published in April, 2007)

The Weekly Quiz: Feed the Food Bank
Tazim introduces us to our 2012 Food Bank Drive. Let's make this our best year ever! Includes a matching quiz for comprehension practice. October 27, 2012

The Weekly Quiz: Improve Your Writing with Synonyms
Jennifer makes the case for using synonyms to improve your writing. Includes a challenging quiz on synonyms for common English words. October 14, 2012

The Weekly Quiz: Positive Thinking Month
Cheryl reminds us of the power of positive thinking. October 8, 2012

Student Writing: The Impending Danger that Awaits Us
Genel's essay, published nearly four years ago, shows his ability to inform and persuade. His words are even more relevant after this extraordinary year.  October 8, 2012 (originally published in December, 2008)

The Weekly Quiz: Being a Summer Tour Guide
Charlotte recounts her summer activities and suggests three good sites to find Vancouver attractions. Includes a comprehension quiz for practice. September 30, 2012

The Weekly Quiz: The Best of The Buzz; Our Most Popular Student Writing
Brad provides links to the best and most popular pages of student writing at our site. Try a quiz on the content of these pieces for comprehension practice. September 23, 2012

The Weekly Quiz: Stay Healthy; Take a Science Class!
Trudi encourages all students to take care of their health and to consider taking a Science class this term. Includes links to useful quizzes online.  September 16, 2012

Student Writing: Valeria's Black Square
Alexey helps us to understand the importance of Valeria in his life.  September 10, 2012 

The Weekly Quiz: Worker Smarter, Not Harder!
Tazim introduces us to the idea of different learning styles and provides a link where you can find out your own. September 9, 2012

The Weekly Quiz: How to Avoid Plagiarism
Rick provides students with a timely reminder. Includes a link to a quiz at The University of Guelph. September 4, 2012

Student Writing (from the archives): Being a Student at PALC
Maria explains how our classes and lab work to create a favourable student experience.  September 2, 2012 (published June 11, 2011)

ALL STUDENTS: School Calendar for 2012 to 2013
Make your plans for the coming school year. Includes all important dates, holidays and celebrations!  September 2, 2012

The Weekly Quiz: Canadian Coins
Renuka reviews the common Canadian coins. Multiple choice quiz is included to check your comprehension. August 26, 2012

The Weekly Quiz: Cycling in the Lower Mainland
Patricia gives us a sample paragraph and verb tense sentences to help students write each one perfectly. Includes a matching quiz for practice on verb tenses. August 19, 2012

Student Writing (from the archives): Old Hometown: Manila
Marc returns to a Manila far different from the one where he grew up.  August 12, 2012 (published April 12, 2009)

The Weekly Quiz: Summer Articles Practice
Jennifer reviews five important rules and then challenges us with a fill-in-the-blank quiz. August 12, 2012

The Weekly Quiz: Dazzling Weekend Fun: The Abbotsford International Air Show
Paul gives us a complete account of the show and offers you two quizzes, one multiple choice for reading comprehension and one fill-in-the-blank for vocabulary practice. August 7, 2012

The Weekly Quiz: Problems with Prepositions Part 1: In, At or On?
Louise brings us a challenging fill-in-the-blank quiz to help you practice your prepositions. July 20, 2012

The Weekly Quiz: Learning about Canada
Cheryl links us to useful resources to learn about Canada and Canadians. After you read, try a multiple choice testing you on Canada's provinces and capital cities. July 15, 2012

The Weekly Quiz: Summer Rodeo
Charlotte introduces us to rodeo in British Columbia. After you read, try a multiple choice or matching quiz.   July 9, 2012

The Weekly Quiz: Introducing our New Feature: Weekly Quizzes
Brad introduces us to our new-style features and points you to a useful quiz on essay structure from the early days of the PALC.  July 1, 2012

Weekly Feature: Makassia: 2012 Graduation Speech
Trudi presents us with more information on Makassia, along with her heartfelt graduation speech.  June 24, 2012

Student Writing (New!): My Father's Bicycle
Li Chen's essay is a wonderful tribute to an influential man, his father. June 17, 2012 

Weekly Feature: Traffic Reporters Reveal Too Much! A Rant
Tazim argues strongly for less information from traffic reporters.  June 17, 2012

Student Writing (from the archives): PALC—My English Cradle
Ruth's essay demonstrates how the PALC has nurtured her as she has learned English. June 10, 2012 (published September 23, 2008)

Weekly Feature: Joining a Book Club
Renuka tells us of her childhood love of reading and gives practical advice on  joining a book club.  June 10, 2012

ALL STUDENTS: You're Invited! Graduation and Recognition Day
Join us on June 20 to celebrate student successes and wish our graduates the best of luck in the future. Everyone is welcome! June 3, 2012

Student Writing (from the archives): A Film with Impact: No Man's Land
Phoebe compares the film with her personal experiences in Eastern Europe. June 3, 2012 (published January 12, 2009)

Weekly Feature: Vancouver International Airport
Paul gives us a rundown of this important international hub and suggests that our website visitors come to Vancouver. Includes two quizzes for practice. June 3, 2012

Student Writing (from the archives): A Peking Childhood
Our first story is a wonderful piece of writing by Hongxin, where he details his upbringing in a very different city from the modern Beijing we know today. Read it and see!  May 27, 2012 (published March 9, 2008)

Weekly Feature: Rediscovering the Wisdom of Dr. Seuss
Rick argues that Dr. Seuss's books are more relevant than ever to both adults and children. May 27, 2012

Writing Tip: Three "P" Sound Alike Words
Brad explains the difference among "palate," "pallet" and "palette." May 20, 2012

Weekly Feature: Fun Runs
Patricia demonstrates the standard paragraph and fills us in on a great way to have fun while helping the community. May 20, 2012

Weekly Feature: Cycling in Metro Vancouver
Louise encourages everyone to get out on a bike and enjoy this amazing spring weather!  May 13, 2012

Writing Tip: Be More Concise without a "Be"
Brad explains how overuse of the "to be" form can make writing overly wordy. May 6, 2012

Weekly Feature: Mothers' Day in Poetry
L suggests we write an acrostic poem for Mothers' Day and includes student sample acrostic poems for inspiration.  May 6, 2012

Weekly Feature: Be a Better Writer
Jennifer outlines practical ways to improve your writing, including tips and two sample paragraphs. April 29, 2012

Writing Tip: Onomatopoeia and Language
Brad notes how different languages "hear" different sounds and represent them in language. April 22, 2012

Weekly Feature: Earth Day: April 22, 2012
Cheryl encourages us to make positive changes to our lives, beginning with celebrating Earth Day. April 22, 2012

Weekly Feature: Bike the Blossoms
Charlotte encourages everyone to take part in a free bicycle tour of this year's blossoms. April 15, 2012

Weekly Feature: A Rant about Debt
Rick speaks for many of us with his personal rant about debt. April 10, 2012

Writing Tip: Fun Food Vocabulary
Brad goes over a few interesting words that refer to food. April 10, 2012

Weekly Feature: April: Daffodil Month for Cancer Awareness
Trudi reminds us that having a healthy lifestyle can help us to prevent cancer. April 1, 2012

Writing Tip: The Pros of Knowing Pronouns: Part Three (Indefinite Pronouns)
Brad introduces us to another important class of pronouns: indefinite pronouns. March 27, 2012

Weekly Feature: March: Nutrition Month
Tazim points us to great resources to help us eat more healthily and to learn more about nutrition.  March 27, 2012

Weekly Feature: Plagiary! Who Me?
Brad reminds students that, at the PALC,  we take plagiary very seriously.  March 18, 2012

Weekly Feature: Spring Break Activities in New Westminster
Renuka helps students to plan for their free time for our upcoming spring break.  March 12, 2012

Writing Tip: The Pros of Knowing Pronouns: Part Two
Brad introduces us to another important class of pronouns: interrogative pronouns. March 11, 2012

Weekly Feature: Online Activities for English Beginners
Patricia directs students in English levels 1, 2 and 3 to useful web sites for working on their English skills.  March 4, 2012

Writing Tip: The Pros of Knowing Pronouns
Brad introduces us to an important class of pronouns: demonstrative pronouns. February 26, 2012

Weekly Feature: Leap Year? Leap Month?
Paul outlines the scientific reasons for having an extra day in February this year. Includes two quizzes for vocabulary practice.  February 26, 2012

Weekly Feature: Canada's Provinces and Capital Cities
Louise helps Social Studies students to study by providing a list and links to interactive quizzes for practice.  February 19, 2012

Writing Tip: Watch Your Tone: In the Mood?
Brad explains the difference between tone and mood in the context of writing for your audience. February 12, 2012

Weekly Feature: Ideas for Valentine's Day
L gives us some great suggestions for a more romantic Valentine's Day. February 12, 2012

Weekly Feature: Laura Secord: A Great Canadian
Jennifer's short essay on Laura Secord introduces a great Canadian connected to our celebration of Valentine's Day. February 5, 2012

Weekly Feature: Information about the Law
Cheryl passes on important information about the law that can help you with legal issues in Canada. January 29, 2012

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