NWSS Student A Winner in the Teens Against Gangs Poster Contest

"CONGRATULATIONS" to NWSS Grade 12 student, Krista Gibbard!  Two months and more than 300 artistic entries later, The Vancouver Sun and Gang Task Force have selected three winners in the Teens Against Gangs poster contest.   The winning posters will be mass produced for distribution to schools and community centres around B.C.  One of the winners, New Westminster Senior Secondary student Krista Gibbard, was thrilled to get the news that her depiction of gang-life as a poor career choice was one of the winning entries.  Gibbard, who is headed to Emily Carr University next year, played on a common children's book theme, showing various people doing different jobs like a doctor, astronaut and builder.  Then she had a hooded gangster, his back showing with handcuffs on.  "Gang-life has been glamourized in the media, especially in music videos and video games", Gibbard said.  "But the reality is that youth have to understand the risks and reality of gang-life.  It is really not a career option".