We Day is Coming!

We Day, an initiative of Free the Children, will be held on October 13th this year.  Our students have been involved as part of their social responsibility initiatives since the event came to Vancouver three years ago.  Students in grade 7 and up - last year, 218 of them - attended from seven schools.  Students heard presentations by Al Gore, Rev. Jesse Jackson, National Chief Shawn Atleo, Rick Hansen, Hedley, and the Kielbergers, among others.

We Day is more than a one-time event.  Following We Day, students participate in leadership training and Action Plans, holding fundraising activities for a local and a global need.  The aim is to develop awareness of local and global issues, leadership skills and commitment to social action in all youth, while helping young people at home and around the world.  Free the Children has a website at http://www.freethechildren.com/.

An Evaluation of the initiative shows it works! The independent evaluation showed that, as a result of participation during the year, many students became more confident, developed stronger leadership skills and became more engaged.  Students felt that youth could make a difference.  They became more aware of local and global issues.  Teachers felt more connected to their students.  The atmosphere in many schools became even more positive.

We want our youth to be strong leaders for the next generation!