Six-Year Completion Rate Strong!

The Ministry of Education has released the updated Six-Year Completion Data for all school districts.  New Westminster's overall completion rate has climbed to 80.8% which is higher than previous years and slightly above the provincial average.  Also, the School District's Aboriginal rate is 8% higher than the provincial average of 62% (provincial average at 54.1%) and the percentage of girls and ESL Learners was slightly higher than the provincial averages (85.1% vs 82.9% for girls;86.9% vs 83.1& for ESL).

The School District's average for boys was just below the provincial average (77% to 77.9%) and special needs learners' completion rates were approximately 7% below the provincial average (46% vs 52.9%).

Overall, this is an outstanding completion-rate profile and is a strong reflection of the high-quality work taking place in our schools.

A complete report with additional information and analysis will be presented at the November 22nd Open Board Meeting.