National Pink Shirt Day

National Pink Shirt Day takes place on February 29th, 2012.

Ceilidh Millar, Youth Reporter/Journalist, was involved in bullying prevention through NWSS's "Rock Solid" program with the school's drama department.  Ceilidh has been using her voice to speak out against bullying and as a youth reporter and journalist; her articles have been featured in publications and on the "National Bullying Prevention Center" and "Teens Against Bullying" websites.

Recently, Ceilidh was approached by Vervegirl Magazine and Alliance films to lend her voice in supporting the award winning documentary, "Bully".  This documentary follows a year in the life of five bullied students.  It is an intimate and heartbreaking look at how bullying has affected the lives of these youths and their families.  The film opens this April in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver and, in Ceilidh's opinion, is a must see for every student, parent and teacher.

Ceilidh would like to share the following information through our website:

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