Important Information Regarding the Teachers Strike

"FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS" Regarding Current Teachers' Strike

The BC Teachers' Federation (BCTF) has given notice that it intends to strike for three days starting on Monday, March 5th.  Given that teachers will be on strike, there will not be sufficient staff available to provide adequate supervision for our students.  Instruction will not be available.  Since the safety and security of our students is always paramount, we ask parents to make alternative child-care arrangements for their children during the strike.  We anticipate classes resuming on Thursday of next week, but please stay tuned to the media.  There will not be pickets around the schools or child-care sites on school property.  Parents may access the sites without having to cross any picket lines.  Please read letter from the Superintendent of Schools.

BC Teachers are not the only ones contemplating a walkout.  A group of Vancouver students at Windermere high school has called for a mass student walkout, followed by a gathering at the Vancouver Art gallery on Friday afternoon, March 2nd.  Please read letter from the Superintendent of Schools.