Chef Training Competition

On June 15, the final Chef Training competition was held at NWSS.  With 13 students competing and cooking up a storm, the suspense was palpable and the energy high.  Students were to prepare a main entree with a protein, starch and vegetable creation of their choosing.  Preparation included menu writing, item costing and, of course, cooking and plating.  Our instructor Chef Schram, CUPE cook Mr. Bourne and Vice Principal Mr. Boechler judged the culinary delights - it was hard work, but delicious!  The winners of the competition were Damiiano Saleh (first place) and Tim Salvacion (second place).  The students will complete their ACE-IT program by attending VCC's Culinary Program for five weeks this summer - all the best at the college, apprentices - we know you will do us proud!