Changing Results for Young Readers

 The Ministry of Education recently provided a small amount of funding for teachers to explore what works best in teaching young children to read.  Each of our schools has a teacher in Kindergarten or grade 1 with a half-day each week to work teaching young children to read.  These teachers are our Early Reading Advocates.  This project is helping teachers deepen their conversation about what methods work best with which children.  They are sharing their considerable expertise with one another.  We hope to have two main benefits from one-year long project:

  • Reinforce the strong culture of professional learning and sharing among our primary teachers & staff.
  • Continue to build our bank of effective instructional practices and be able to specify more closely what is effective for children with different interests, skills, abilities and backgrounds.

Teachers in all schools are excited to have the time to discuss their students' needs and strengths.  They are working with their Reading Advocate - planning, teaching, and reflecting together.  We hope to develop some stories of how children learn to help each child in the future to read more smoothly and deeply.