NWSS Students Participate in Bridge for Tomorrow Youth Exchange Program

NWSS Students have just returned from a fully sponsored trip to Japan which took place from May 7th - 17th.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs - UNESCO, Asia Pacific Foundation Canada, sponsored 23 New Westminster Secondary students and two Teacher Chaperones to visit Japan.  The trip included a visit to our sister city, Moriguchi, homestay with students from Hagoromo Gakuen, and a visit to Tokyo and watching one of the oldest festivals in Japan, the Aoi Matsuri.

Kakehashi - Bridge for Tomorrow and Youth Exchange Program with North America is a new initiative by the Japan Foundation's Center for Global Partnership (CGP), and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  New Westminster Secondary was selected as one of eight participating schools from across Canada, and the only one from B.C. to receive a fully funded ten-day intellectual study tour to Japan.

The purpose of the program is to encourage greater understanding between the youth of Japan and Canada and to foster long-term and ongoing interest between these two countries by providing firsthand cultural experience.  The theme of the trip was "Cool Japan" and it encompassed many aspects of Japanese culture; visits to museums and UNESCO heritage sites, attendance and participation in a major Japanese festival, education about recycling, and homestay and exchange.

Hagoromo Gakuen will visit New Westminster Secondary School in the fall of 2013.