Early Reading Advocates

Our school district has received a second year of funding from the Ministry of Education to assist all our young students in learning to read successfully.  This funding is part of the initiative called "Changing Results for Young Readers".

Through the Changing Results for Young Readers initiative, our schools have been given the opportunity to have a master teacher, called an "Early Reading Advocate", foster the sharing of instructional strategies with teachers in their schools.  Early Reading Advocates collaborate to share their expertise and to write up a case study so that teachers all over the province can also share their knowledge about different types of learners.

We believe every student has the potential to be a successful reader and our teachers work hard to allow every student to participate in literacy activites.  They work on reading skills and thinking skills, helping children to manage their own learning and understand how they can learn better.  Teachers provide children with choices in reading materials to catch the interest of each child, while showing them how what they learn in their reading can be related to their lives.

Successful early reading is improved by schools and families teaming together to build a community of reading, within and beyond the classroom.  Perhaps more than anything, it means supporting learners to be proficient readers and experience the joy of reading.

The Changing Results for Young Readers initiative has a goal of increasing the number of BC children who are engaged, successful readers.  It uses current research and understanding of what fosters reading success in young learners.  For more information about this exciting initiative, please visit http://youngreaders.ca/.