October is Library Month

New Westminster schools engage in a variety of activities to motivate students to read.  The more we read, the more we enjoy reading.  Of course, the more we enjoy reading, the more we read, and our reading skills improve.  So, there is good reason to make reading fun!

Many of our schools run Book Fairs in October, to expose children to a wide variety of affordable book choices.  Book Fairs also generate excitement in the school about reading in general.  Many schools have storyttellers come in to tell and read stories to the children.  As part of a Literacy Week, October 7 - 11, Herbert Spencer School had a guest storyteller, Roslyn, come to read about the Raven Who Stole the Sun, with puppets!

In honour of Canadian Library Month and National School Library Day, École Glenbrook Middle School will be participating in a school-wide Drop Everything and Read time.  Many of our Glenbrook community already make it a habit to Drop Everything and Read every day at home and at school.  During the afternoon of October 28, staff and students will "drop everything" and pick up something to read for twenty minutes.

Reading is a beautiful thing.
Every day.
Read for twenty minutes.

When you read for twenty minutes every day, you build your reading skills and become a strong reader.  Read what you like - all reading is good for skill-building.  Let's make October reading a habit that lasts all year long for our students!