Harvest Box is Coming to SD 40!

From mid November 2013 to June 2014, School District No. 40 will partner with New Westminster Parks, Culture and Recreation and the New Westminster Community Food Action Committee to pilot a New Westminster Harvest Box Program.  The Harvest Box Program, a service which supplies fresh fruit and produce at affordable prices, will operate twice monthly at four depots - Century House, Centennial Community Centre, Queensborough Community Centre, and Lord Kelvin Community School.

The Harvest Box Program was developed to encourage healthy eating, educate people on the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables daily, and support BC farms.  The program is open to anyone who wants to purchase affordable locally grown (whenever possible) fresh fruit and produce.  Boxes will be available on the second and last Thursday of each month starting November 14th and orders will be accepted up to 4:30 p.m. the previous Thursday (i.e., November 7th for the first Depot Day) by phone or in person at Century House, Centennial Community Centre and Queensborough Community Centre.  The boxes come pre-packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled box, and contain a wide variety of fresh produce and fruit (about ten pounds) and a free monthly newsletter with important nutritional facts, information, and recipes.  There are three types of boxes (see below) which can be purchased and prices range from $8.00 to $15.00 per box.  There are no limits to the number of boxes that can be purchased and they contain as much locally grown fresh produce and fruit as is possible.  100% of the proceeds from the BOGO boxes go to helping people in the community.

Harvest Value Box

  • contains a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • designed to make eating vegetables and fruit more affordable
  • as local as possible, but imported produce is included when local is not available
  • Price = $8.00

Harvest Local Box

  • contains local vegetables and fruit sourced from BC farmers and suppliers
  • supports local growers and sustainable agricultural methods
  • Price = $15.00

Harvest BOGO Box

  • your BOGO purchase gets you a Harvest Value box for your use and then another Harvest Value box is donated to a family or individual in need
  • contains a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit as local as possible, but imported produce is included when local is not available
  • Price = $15.00

There is interest in expanding the Harvest Box Program to other schools in the district at a later date if the pilot program is successful.