Board of Education Inaugural Meeting

Pictured above is the new Board of Education for School District No. 40 (New Westminster).  From left to right:  MaryAnn Mortensen, James Janzen, Mark Gifford, Jonina Campbell (Chair), Michael Ewen, Casey Cook (Vice Chair), Kelly Slade-Kerr.

Trustees elected at the November 15, 2014 Local General Election took their Oaths of Office at the Board's Inaugural Meeting held December 9th.  At that same meeting Jonina Campbell was re-elected as Chair and Casey Cook was elected as Vice Chair.   Trustees Michael Ewen and Kelly Slade-Kerr will be the Board representatives to the BC School Trustees Association, and Trustees Maryann Mortensen and Mark Gifford will represent the Board on the BC Public School Employers' Association. 

"Tonight marks the beginning of a four-year term that I believe will transform New Westminster from a great school district to a flagship school district", said newly re-elected Chair Campbell in her opening remarks.