Policy Manual - Alphabetical

  Absenteeism:  Student Long Term   Policy No. 505.0
  Academies:  Sports & Fine Arts   Policy No. 611.1
  Accessibility   Policy No. 906.0
 Accreditation   Policy No. 605.5
  Acknowledging Traditional Territory   Policy 208.0
  Administration Positions of Special Responsibility   Policy No. 300.2 
  Admission of Students   Policy No. 501.5
  Adult School Patrols   Policy No. 700.1
  Anaphylaxis   Policy No. 509.0
  Animals on School District Property   Policy No. 911.0
  Anti-Discrimination and Diversity   Policy No. 602.6/1003.1
  Appeals by Parents & Students   Policy No. 500.1
  Assistants to the Principal   Policy No. 303.6
  Assessment, Evaluation & Reporting   Policy No. 605.3
  Board Elections (Bylaw)   Policy No. 201.4
  Board of Election Protocol (Bylaw)   Policy No. 201.5
  Board Members Expenses    Policy No. 205.1
  Bullying and Harassment   Policy NO. 304.9/404.9/504.9
  Catchment Areas   Policy No. 501.3  
  Calendar (Bylaw)   Policy No. 601.2 
  Chemical Waste Disposal   Policy No. 902.4 
  Child Care Services in Schools   Policy No. 903.3/1004.5
  Closure of Schools Due To Inclement Weather   Policy No. 304.7/404.7/504.7
  Code of Conduct: District   Policy No. 402.1/502.1
  Code of Ethics for Trustees   Policy No. 207.0
  Communicable Diseases & Systematic Immunization of Students   Policy No. 304.5/404.5/504.2
  Communication and Involvement   Policy No. 204.3/1000.1
  Community Education   Policy No. 602.11  
 Complaint Process for a Resolution of Concerns   Policy No. 500.2
  Compensation of Expenses to Board Members   Policy No. 205.1
  Confidentiality of Student Records   Policy No. 501.2
  Consolidation and/or Closure of Schools   Policy No. 910.0
  Coping With Emergencies   Policy No. 902.5
  Copyright   Policy No. 805.0 
  Criminal Record Search   Policy No. 304.1/404.1
  Decentralized Decision-Making Process   Policy No. 310.0/804.0
  Decision-Making Process   Policy No. 206.0
  Delivery of Special Education Services   Policy No. 602.8
  Department Heads   Policy No. 303.9
  Digital Technology   Policy No. 406.0/506.0
  Disposal of Chemical Waste   Policy No. 902.4 
  Disposal of Surplus Property   Policy No. 806.1 
  District Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting   Policy No. 306.0/608.0
  District Code of Conduct   Policy No. 402.1/502.1
  District Facilities Use & Fees & Charges   Policy No. 903.2/1004.1
  Diversity and Anti-Discrimination   Policy No. 602.6/1003.1  
  Educational Goals   Policy No. 101.0
  Educational Philosophy   Policy No. 100.0
  Elections to the Board (Bylaw)   Policy No. 201.4
  Elementary Extra-Curricular Physical Ed  Program   Policy No. 602.10  
  Emergencies, Coping With   Policy No. 902.5
  Employment Equity   Policy No. 300.0/400.0
  Employment Practices   Policy No. 307.0 
  Environmental Citizenship   Policy No. 902.2 
  Evaluation Assessment & Reporting   Policy No. 605.3
  Extra-Curricular Elementary Physical Ed  Program   Policy No. 602.10  
  Facilities Use & Fees & Charges   Policy No. 903.2/1004.1
  Fees and Deposits for Students   Policy No. 511.0
  Field Trips   Policy No. 503.7
  Field Trips - Out of Province   Policy No. 503.8
  Field Trip Forms   Policy No. 503.7 & 503.8
  Financial Hardship - new 03/29/16   Policy No. 512.0
  Fine Arts & Sports Academies   Policy No. 611.1
  Flags at Half Mast   Policy No. 907.0
  Food & Nutrition   Policy No. 508.0
  Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy   Policy No. 202.2
  French Programs   Policy No. 602.5 
  Fundraising Activites & Sponsorship in District Facilities   Policy No. 1004.7
  Gender & Sexual Diversity Inclusion Policy   Policy No. 410.0/510.0
  Half Masting Flags   Policy No. 907.0
  Harassment and Bullying   Policy No. 304.3/404.3/504.3
  Harassment/Sexual Harassment   Policy No. 304.2/404.2
  Health & Safety: Occupational and Admin Procedures   Policy No 902.1
  Health & Safety:  Student Accident & Sickness Procedures   Policy 504.0
  Hiring & Recruitment of Professional Staff   Policy 300.1
  Instructional & Support Staff Personnel Practices   Policy No. 400.1
  Instruction & Support Staff Positions of Special Responsibility    Policy No. 400.3
  International Students   Policy No. 607.0
  Intruders on School Property   Policy No. 1004.2
  Involvement and Communication   Policy No. 204.3/1001.1
  Language Education   Policy No. 308.0 
  Learning Resources   Policy No. 603.5 
  Leave of Absence & Secondment of Teachers   Policy No. 401.3
  Library Resource Centres   Policy No. 602.9 
  Locally Developed Courses   Policy No. 603.6
  Long Term Student Absenteeism   Policy No. 505.0
  Massey Theatre   Policy No. 1004.3 
  May Day Activities   Policy No. 603.6.5
  Naming of Schools   Policy No. 905.0 
  Nutrition & Food   Policy No. 508.0
  Occupational Health & Safety and Admin Procedures   Policy No. 902.1
  Parent/Guardian Volunteers   Policy No. 405.1
  Parent/Student Appeals   Policy No. 500.1
  Physical Restraint & Seclusion   Policy No. 602.8.1
  Policy Formulation & Review   Policy No. 203.1
  Procedure for Spraying of School Grounds   Policy No. 902.3 
  Professional Development   Policy No. 300.3/400.2
  Programs of Choice    Policy No. 611.0
  Programs of Instruction   Policy No. 602.0 
  Propagandist or Prejudicial Conduct   Policy No. 304.8/404.8/504.8
  Protection of Privacy/Freedom of Information   Policy No. 202.2
  Purchasing and Tendering   Policy No. 803.1
  Recruitment & Hiring of Professional Staff   Policy No. 300.1
  Reporting, Evaluation & Assessment   Policy No. 605.3
  Reporting Suspected Cases of Child Abuse   Policy No. 504.1
  Research & Other Projects in the Schools   Policy No. 605.4 
  Resource/Library Centres   Policy No. 602.9 
  Responsibilities & Rights of Students   Policy No. 500.0
  Restricted Suplus - Use Of   Policy No. 807.1
  Rules of Procedure (Bylaw)   Policy No. 204.1
  Safe Access to Students, Staff and School District Property   Policy No. 1004.0 
  Scented Products      Policy No. 407.0/507.0
  School Accreditation   Policy No. 605.5
  School Calendar (Bylaw)   Policy No. 601.2 
  School-Community Use of Facilities - Special Circumstances   Policy No. 903.1
  School Patrols   Policy No. 700.1
  School Planning Councils   Policy No. 1005.0
  Secondment & Leave of Absence for Teachers   Policy No. 401.3
  Selection, Transfer, Assignment & Evaluation of Principals   Poilcy No. 303.0
  Sensitive Issues   Policy No. 603.7 
  Sexual Harassment/Harassmnet   Policy No. 304.240/404.0
  Sexual & Gender Diversity Inclusion Policy   Policy No. 410.0/510.0
  Smoke and Electronic Smoking Products  Free Working & Learning Environment   Policy No. 304.4/404.4/504.4
  Snow Removal   Policy No. 904.0
  Spraying of School Grounds   Policy No. 902.3 
  Special Education Delivery of Services   Policy No. 602.8
  Sports and Fine Arts Academies   Policy No. 611.1
  Staffing in Periods of Diminishing Financial  Resources   Policy No. 403.2
  Standards of Conduct for School District  Employees   Policy No. 406.1
  Student Absenteeism - Long Term   Policy No. 505.0
  Student Admissions   Policy No. 501.5
  Student Fees and Deposits   Policy No. 511.0
  Student Health & Safety: Accident & Sickness  Procedures   Policy No. 504.0
  Student/Parent Appeals   Policy No. 500.1
  Student Records - Confidentiality   Policy No. 5012
  Students Responsibilities & Rights   Policy No. 500.0
  Student Substance Abuse   Policy No. 504.5
  Student Suspensions   Policy No. 502.2
  Superintendent of Schools   Policy No. 301.0 
  Support Staff & Instructional Personnel Practices   Policy No. 400.1
  Support Staff & Instructional Positions of Special Responsibility   Policy No. 400.3
  Surplus Property Disposal   Policy No. 806.1 
  Surveillance   Policy No. 908.0
  Suspected Cases of Child Abuse Reporting   Policy No. 504.1
  Suspension of Students   Policy No. 502.2
  Systematic Immunization of Students   Policy No. 504.3
  Teachers Leave of Absence & Secondment   Policy No. 401.3 
  Technology   Policy No. 305.0
  Tendering and Purchasing    Policy No. 803.1
  Trustee Code of Ethics   Policy No. 207.0
  Trustee Expenses    Policy No. 205.1
  Trustee In-Service   Policy No. 202.3
    Use of Facilities: Special Circumstances   Policy No. 903.1
  Use of Restricted Surplus Bylaw   Policy No. 807.0
  Use of Scented Products   Policy No. 407.0/507.0
  Use of Vincent Massey Theatre   Policy No. 1004.3
  Vandalism to Employees' Motor Vehicles   Policy No. 304.6/404.6
  Violence in the Workplace   Policy No. 304.3/404.3 
  Volunteers: Parent/Guardian   Policy No. 405.1