POWER Alternate Secondary School




The POWER Alternate Secondary School is a secondary school program in the New Westminster School District that has been in operation since 1992.  The program is open to all lower mainland students aged 16-18 and is conveniently located one block west of the New Westminster Skytrain Station.

POWER offers...

  • High School Graduation in a smaller supportive environment with flexible individualized schedules and timetables
  • Three terms per year, each with a different set of structured courses.  Equal semesters offer students a chance to focus on fewer courses each term, while still completing numerous courses in a school year
  • A sense of community through the sharing of breakfasts, lunches and celebration meals, as well as through various fun activities, events, field trip and outings
  • Bi-weekly meetings between student and teacher that fosters an understanding for individual circumstances and monitors attendance and progress
  • Personal therapeutic counselling, as well as, connections to external resources
  • Recognition Day - a celebration in July for all students who have completed courses and special recognition for graduates

At POWER Alternate Secondary School, education isn't done to you, but done with you!

Please follow this link to the POWER Alternate Secondary School Website.

For information contact us at:

200 - 1065 Columbia Street
New Westminster, BC V3M 6H7