Queensborough Middle School Staff

 Please note the complete alphabetical list below for the staff of Queensborough Middle School updated September 18, 2013. For direct access to an employee's e-mail, click on the blue name.

Principal:  Lisa Nasato
Vice Principal/ResourceAlysha Karsan
Secretary Trish Symons/ Judy Normberg
Mark Kriese Div 1 - Grade 8 Monday - Friday
Sian Smith Div 2 - Grade 8 (Drama) Monday - Friday
Craig Newcomb Div 3 - Grade 6/7 (Leadership) Monday - Friday
Colleen Carrington              Div 4 - Grade 6/7 (Computers)          Monday - Friday
Apinder Sekhon Div 5 - Grade 6/7 Monday - Friday
Marc Rouleau Div 6 - Grade 6/7 Monday - Friday
Riel Villeneuve Div 7 - Grade 6/7 Mon, Wed, Fri
Sukh Rai Div 7 - Grade 6/7 Thursday
Sally Brown-Koelzer Div 7 -Grade 6/7 Tuesday
Kim Johal Div 8 - Grade 5 Mon, Wed, Fri
Mario Avila Div 8 - Grade 5 Tues, Thurs
Heather Scharf Div 9 - Grade 5 Monday - Friday
Tessa Taylor Div 10 - Grade 5 Mon-Friday
Mario Avila Grade 8 Woodshop Teacher Monday - Friday
Anne Marie Milner Music Tues (am), Wed (am)
Sukh Rai PE/Art   Mon, Wed, Fri
Sandeep Dhillon-Dhaliwal Punjabi Mon (am), Wed(am)
Grace Weick Music Teacher/Library Mon (am), Wed(pm), Thus (am)
 Lisa Seddon Library   Tues, Thurs
Emily Bronson Education Assistant Monday - Friday
Patricia Dressler Education Assistant Monday - Friday
Marlene Furlong Education Assistant Monday - Friday
Shirley Schweers Counsellor Wed, Fri
Melanie Gunderson Child Care Worker Wednesday
Roslyn Smith Aboriginal Support Tues (am)
Lisa Wong Lunch Program Mon-Fri to 1:15 pm
Sonny Herath Custodian  
Sam Sangdee Custodian  
Gerald Lau School Liaison Officer