School Parent Advisory Councils

 Follow this link for the B.C. Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC)

Parent Advisory Contacts for the 2015/16 School Year (to be updated as required) 

 DPAC Chair Beth Ott
 DPAC Vice Chair Cheryl Greenhalgh
 DPAC Treasurer Sandra Coll
DPAC Secretary Andrea Mears
  Connaught Heights   PAC Chair Quyen Chiew
Vice Chair Cllifford Thompson
PAC Secretary Teri Loewen 
PAC Treasurer Jill Smith
DPAC Rep Colleen Wright
  F.W. Howay      PAC Co-Chair  Jennifer Evans
DPAC Rep Kathleen Carlsen-Locatelli
DPAC Treasurer George Wang
DPAC Secretary Sabine Detels
  Glenbrook Middle  PAC Co-Chair Ronda Field
PAC Co-Chair Renee Mosi
PAC Secretary Sandi Pinkerton
PAC Treasurer Doug Brown
DPAC Rep tbd tbd
  Herbert Spencer  Chair Robin Goyan
Vice Chair  Jacqueline Lemiiux  
DPAC Rep Naomi Perks  
Home Learners  PAC Co-Chair Kathleen Sommerville
DPAC Rep Sandra Spani
  Ecole Qayqayt   PAC Chair  Serena Trachta
DPAC Rep Wendy Cooper 
  Lord Kelvin  PAC Chair Natalie Lawy
DPAC Rep Lynsay Orozco
  Lord Tweedsmuir  PAC Chair Sloan Drennan
PAC Vice Chair Lynn Hitchcock
DPAC Rep Karon Trenamen tbd
NWSS    PAC Chair Nora Tseng
PAC Vice Chair Stephen Bruyneel
DPAC Rep Sandra Coll
  Queen Elizabeth  PAC Chair Shannon Mayhew
DPAC Rep tbd tbd
  Queensborough Middle  PAC Co-Chair  Dana Babic
DPAC Co-Chair Linda Smith

  Richard McBride  PAC Co-Chair Heather Corbett
PAC Co-Chair Danielle Connelly
DPAC Rep Andrea Mears
DPAC Rep Diane Bodnar
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