Community Schools

We would like to acknowledge the United Way of the Lower Mainland for providing additional funding support to Community Schools through their Children 6-12: Community-School Partnership funding stream.
Our Vision...
Community Schools foster meaningful and healthy relationships between home, school and community.  We strive to enrich the lives of our students and families within our unique neighbourhoods through collaborative, responsive, inclusive, culturally affirming services and partnerships that enhance life-long learning.
Community Schools are committed to bringing programs and services to district schools in seven core programming and service areas:
1.  Physical Activity: Programs that stress the development of fundamental movement skills and sport skills that permit a child to move confidently and with control.
2.  Arts and Exploration: Programs that allow children to develop their creativity and express themselves through a variety of visual and performing arts.
3.  Literacy: Out of school programs that support school curriculum like Mad Science, Grand Pals and Public Library Programs.
4.  Leadership: Programs that include topics like communication skills, group dynamics, self awareness and teach skills i.e. Babysitter Training, Community Recreation Leadership Training.
5.  Social Responsibility: Programs that create opportunities for children to explore their community, solve problems in peaceful ways, value diversity and human rights, and exercise democratic rights and responsibilities.
6.  Resources for Children, Youth and Families: Services that are helpful to families like, Coats for Kids, Breakfast for Learning, and parenting education.
7.  Community Engagement: Programs and services that encourage schools and their surrounding community
members work together to create healthy, happy schools and neighbourhoods.
8. Health and Wellness: Programs and services that support healthy child and youth development.
Through the Community Schools Partners Committee we are working with New Westminster Parks, Parks and Recreation, and The Ministry of Children and Family Development to provide additional supports and programming for district schools that will address the needs of vulnerable children and youth, and make our neighbourhoods stronger.
Since 2011 additional funding resources for staffing has been received from the United Way of the Lower Mainland to support Community Schools.
For more information about Community Schools, please contact District Community School Coordinator: Robin Stewart.


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