The Ministry of Education provides CommunityLINK funding to school districts throughout the province each year to support programs and services to improve the educational performance, including the academic achievement and social functioning, of vulnerable students. School districts determine the most effective use of CommunityLINK funding based on their specific context. The funding is intended to:

  • establish effective programs which directly support vulnerable students;
  • support family and community involvement; and,
  • promote partnerships and an integrated approach to supporting vulnerable students with families, communities and service providers.

In School District No. 40, CommunityLINK funding is used to support an school meals, Community Schools and a wide variety of programs and supports that directly support vulnerable children  in our schools. Each year the District CommunityLINK Committee meets to review vulnerability data and emergent needs to determine how the annual funding will be spent. An annual report is also provided to the Ministry outlining the use and outcomes of these funds.