Comprehensive School Health

Comprehensive School Health (CSH) is an internationally recognized framework for supporting improvements in students' educational outcomes while addressing school health in a planned, integrated and holistic way. The four pillars of CSH are: social and physical environment; teaching and learning; healthy school policy; and, partnerships and services.

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CSH Related Resources:



Food and Nutrition -

  • BC Agriculture in the Classroom provides educators with a wide range of resources and programs to bring BC’s agriculture to their students.
  • Canadian Food and Nutrition Education Resources (Vancouver Coastal Health, September 2010)
  • Classroom and School Gardens Curriculum Connections Outlines specific learning outcomes from Science, Social Studeies, and health and Career Education for grades k-7.
  • Feeding Minds, Fighting Hunger: A World Free From Hunger The Feeding Minds, Fighting Hunger Partners provide lesson modules for teachers, resources and activities for students at the Primary, Intermediate, and Secondary levels.
  • Project Chef: Cook Healthy Edible Food is an experiential, curriculum-based school program for students in grades four and five that teaches students about healthy food: where it comes from, what it tastes like, how to prepare it and how to enjoy sharing it around a table.
  • School Food Gardens provides information on how to integrate growing food with your curriculum.
  • Spuds in Tubs: Potatoe Tub Gardens for Schools is a BC Agriculture in the Classroom program that provides teachers with all the supplies needed to start a portable potatoe garden in their classes. Teachers can then work with their students to show them the importance of access to fresh food, connect them to the food that they eat, engage them in production, and teach them that food comes from the soil, not the grocery store.
  • The Truth about Canadian Milk (U tube video clip)

Healthy Eating and Physical Activity -

 Smoking Prevention -

  • Teacher Vision Smoking Prevention Resources is a US -based collection of smoking prevention lessons, worksheets, references and Web resources to help students in grades 2 to 5 understand the harmful effects of smoking.
  • Teaming Up for Tobacco-Free Kids provides lesson plans for grades 4 to 6 that have been developed by Alberta Health Services to emphasize prevention by increasing awareness about the dangers related to tobacco. Resources are also availalbe in French.
  • Youth Zone (Health Canada) is a website that provides youth with the facts on what smoking does to their  body, their environment and who's actually benefits from the sale of tobacco products. There is also a "Homework Help" section that provides a wealth of information for school projects.


French Healthy Living Resources


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