Fast ForWord

A student playing a Fast ForWord game

Fast ForWord is a computer-based program that is the product of over thirty years of brain research.   The program has helped thousands of students improve their memory, attention, processing speed and sequencing skills—skills that are critical for reading and learning success.   The program’s goal is to strengthen brain functioning through a series of game-like exercises aimed at developing skills in the areas of sound discrimination, phonological processing, vocabulary recognition and language comprehension. 

We have seen amazing student success with this program and significant increases in student self-confidence.  We are pleased to offer this program at New Westminster Secondary, the Royal City Alternate Program, Glenbrook and Queensborough  Middle Schools, and Lord Tweedsmuir and Queen Elizabeth Elementary to students referred by their School-Based Teams. Plans for expansion to Lord Kelvin Elementary are underway for the 2011-2012 school year.

For the past three years, the District has also offered a Fast ForWord Summer Program in July that has seen the participation of students who have been referred by their School-Based Teams from throughout the District.

For more information on this program, please view "What is Fast Forward?" or visit the website: