In the 2009 Speech from the Throne, the British Columbia govenment  announced that full day kindergarten would beavailable to all five-year-olds in the province by September 2011. An informative Full Day Kindergarten Brochure was developed to help parents better understand the full day kindergarten program. It includes information on the benefits of full day kindergarten programs, answers to commonly asked questions regarding full day kindergarten, and web links to find out more information.


If your child is getting ready to go to Kindergarten, then you should read: Getting Ready for Kindergarten - Helpful Skills

Please read Registering for Kindergarten for information on the registration process.

You and your child should also attend a Welcome to Kindergarten session at your neighbourhood school.  In May and June of every year, families of children registered to attend kindergarten in September are invited to neighbourhood schools for a family orientation session. Families tour the school and meet a variety of school-based staff and local community service providers.  Each family receives a Welcome to Kindergarten resource bag and is then provided with an opportunity to work hands-on with the resources in the bags.  Watch the District website and the local newspapers in May for the Welcome to Kindergarten dates and times at your neighbourhood school.

If you want to find out more information about the Supports for Children with Additional Needs, please read the Transition to Kindergarten handbookThis handbook is the result of a collaboration between the District, Supported Child Development (Simon Fraser Society for Community Living) and BC Centre for Ability, and has been designed as a guide for parents of children with special needs who are transitioning to Kindergarten. Each January, parents are invited to a special intake meeting so that appropriate support plans are in place prior to the new school year.