School District #40 Aboriginal Education

School District No. 40's Aboriginal Education logo, designed by Xwa'lack tun, a Salish artist and his son, James Harry, a graduate of New Westminster Secondary School



News:  Coming Oct. 21, 2016

Aboriginal Perspectives & New Curriculum Conference

Fort Langley Elementary

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Conference Workshops:

Life of a child in a BC Residential School | Science First Peoples 

Authentic Aboriginal Resources K-9; In Our Own Words K-3 | Interpretive Plant Walk

Project of Heart ebook: Hidden History | and much more!

An Aboriginal Education Association PSA Conference


The Aboriginal Education Program is designed to support the academic and social success of all Aboriginal students in the District. The District signed the Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement on October 7, 2004. This was the first urban (off reserve) Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement developed in the province.

The District recently completed a consultation process with the Aboriginal community, parents, students and staff to develop a new enhancement agreement. The District Aboriginal Advisory Committee was very pleased to celebrate the signing of our second Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement in the fall of 2012. The agreement represents a commitment by the Aboriginal and school communities, and the Ministry of Education, to improve school success for Aboriginal students. Our goals are to:

  • Help Aboriginal students develop pride, confidence and self-esteem through identification with their ancestry.
  • Improve the performance of Aboriginal learners in Grades 4 to 7 in reading and writing.
  • Support Aboriginal students in making smooth transitions as they: enter school, move between schools; move from elementary to middle to secondary; move from grade 10 to 11 and 11 to 12; and, prepare to enter the workforce or post-secondary education.

The District looks forward to the implementation of our second enhancement agreenment and will endeavour to build upon the successess of our first.

For more information on how our Aboriginal students are doing, please view the 2010 - 2011 Aboriginal Education Annual Report

Information on the supports and services available for Aboriginal students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 can be found in the SD No. 40 Aboriginal Education Brochure or by contacting Bertha Lansdowne, Aboriginal Education Coordinator at 604-517-6316 or

New resource now available! 

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission released its findings this past June - and published 94 calls to action. The B.C. Teachers Federation in response created a free on-line resource for use by educators in BC's public school system, called: The Project of Heart:  Illuminating the Hidden History of Indian Residential Schools in BC e-book. The existence of this amazing new resource is thanks to the commitment and inspiration of editor Gail Stromquist, the Assistant Director for Aboriginal Education and project lead for BCTF. Many thanks to the BCTF teachers for their efforts in moving along the truth and reconciliation movement!