About Herbert Spencer Elementary

École Herbert Spencer School was built in 1911and is one of the oldest schools in the New Westminster School District.  We are an elementary school comprised of Grades K-5.  Our dual track English and Early French Immersion School has a current population across many diverse cultural backgrounds and languages, offering students an outstanding education experience.  A broad, fully supportive group of parents and the parent advisory committee ensures that students are given a rick variety of knowledge, experience and the opportunity that supports and encourages them towards excellence in everything they do.

Ecole Herbert Spencer School is located in the historic Queens Park neighbourhood adjacent to Queens Park itself, the largest park in the city and home to many of the cities renowned Parks and Recreation facilities. Among these is Queens Park Arena home to our beloved New Westminster Salmonbellies.  

 The school is named after Herbert Spencer, a Victorian era biologist and philosopher born in England, on April 27th, 1820.  Spencer was the editor of The Economist in 1848 and worked with many of Britain’s leading intellectuals of Victorian Britain. One of the most influential figures in sociology and psychology at the time, he is infamous for his controversial views on society and although not widely known he is believed to have coined the phrase “survival of the fittest” several years before Darwin.

We hope that through our school goals we will further develop students' capacities and successes in the areas of literacy, numeracy and social responsibility.  We have many programs that support the social, emotional and academic programming of students. 

To guide student behaviour and interaction, the school has also established a Code of Conduct based on "Respect, Responsibility and Relationships.  Students are encouraged to conduct themselves in a polite and responsible manner in class, on school property and in all school related activities away from the school to develop considerate and sensitive students who are aware of others' thoughts, feelings and backgrounds.  It is important that all of the community contributes to a positive school environment.

Our Vision StatementThe staff at Herbert Spencer School will provide a positive educational experience for students.  We expect that students will acquire the attitudes, skills and knowledge they require to become successful and contributing citizens.

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605 Second Street, New Westminster, BC V3L 5R9
Grades Served: 
K-5 and Early French Immersion K-5
Suzanne Cameron
Darren Elves
Linda Lincoln
Cheryl Serraglio
Michael Ewen